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Johnson Bayside in Marion is an A class Real-Estate agent that serves their customers very well by using the latest technology. Most Real-Estate agency’s still use paper to track their records, it takes days to get anything done. Johnson Bayside is fully integrated with latest technology and act on customer’s request in blink of an eye. The market is changing rapidly and you WILL need a Real-Estate agent that knows what they are doing!

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Johnson Bayside Real Estate Ltd.
401 Wareham Road,
Marion, MA 02738 Tel: (508) 748-2234
Fax: (508) 748-6847

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We’ve been servicing Marion Antique Shop for several years now, a great Antique shop offering a wide range of Antique types and services. Make sure to visit their site and call them for more information!

Game Consoles – The Clone Wars

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A Wii Knock-Off

A Wii Knock-Off

The title almost sounds like a Starwars joke! However in the Consumer Electronics Show a several Wii clones were shown by companies most people never heard of. I found the idea rather interesting and suddenly remembered that when I lived in Russia, kids had Nintendo games for consoles like ‘Dendy’ and ‘Hi-Tech’ – Korean knock-offs from the original Nintendo console with all the same games like Duck Hunt and Mario Brothers.


I just treat these consoles as a joke, because they are rather flimsy with games that try to immitate but cannot duplicate. However, I would like to know how that makes you feel! Send me a response at or post one here!

DTV Switch – February 17, 2009

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Wow, February 17 this year TV’s that use antenna and don’t have a digital tuner will lose ALL reception!

Avoiding this is easy! To start visit – a government sponsored web-site to provide you with the latest information about the switch and who is effected.

We received many requests to clarify who will be effected and what steps you can take.

To start, TV’s that do not have a digital tuner will be effected. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your flat-screen TV has a digital tuner. Check the manual if you have to. Most (about 99%) of televisions made prior to 2004 have standard tuners and will require a converter box. While government has been advertising the $40 coupon that can send you, if you have not ordered it yet, you will most likely not get one anytime soon. The current economic sittuation added with people that took advantage of the program to get extra coupons (to sell, trade, etc) the original estimate of funds that would be needed was not close to the actual demand. I do suggest you still apply just in case, but you will NOT have the coupon through the government in time for a switch.

The converter box will take advantage of the digital signals and will bring you a clear picture and sound. The quality of the new digital age IS NOT your daddy’s rabbit-ears. I myself have a 55″ Hitachi Plasma TV (w/digital tuner built-in) and use a Philips DTV antenna. The picture is so clear on my Boston and Providence channels that it feels like the football game on the other side of the screen is going to end up in my living-room!

Need help with your DTV or have a related question? Feel free to send me an email at was upgraded by us!

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Expert Electronics Inc in New Bedford, MA needed a site that looks professional while easy to update, so we’ve put together a simple blog-style site on their domain.

EECS specializes in HD TV and high-end DJ Audio equipment repair. They’ve been servicing Greater New Bedford Area since 1988 and have been featured in the local papers for their great work! The two master-tech’s have Masters of Electronics Engineering degrees from SMU

Updated our site!

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Finally the time came to upgrade our web-site. This version should make it easier for us to provide you with information! In this version of the site, our sponsors are featured on the right side. Please give them some consideration and visit their site!