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Let’s face it, your Antivirus and malware software did not protect you well… otherwise you wouldn’t be looking here. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure and displeasure of using tools to make your system better. Most people think that all protection systems such as antivirus are same. This could not be further from the truth. I get many PCs with Norton and McAfee products that either did not detect the virus and letting it own the system completely or they detect it, “remove it” and then find out that it is still there and it will try to remove it again and again. All this is frustrating to say the least, especially after you pay top dollar for such software.

If you’re looking for a GREAT antivirus, then no other will do the job better then BitDefender. On the other hand if you’re looking for a tool to tune your system, then IOLO products are the way to go. Please feel free to download their trials from my page just to see if you like them.

Bit defender is in my opinion the best defense for your PC when it comes to Antivirus and Firewall. While I encourage everyone to buy their product, I understand that trying is important before you buy so here is a 30 day trial from the company for several of their products. I use the Total Security 2010, which I recently upgraded from the Total Security 2009.

BitDefender Total Security 2010 FREE 30Day trial!

BitDefender Internet Secuirty 2010 FREE 30Day trial!

BitDefender AntiVirus 2010 FREE 30Day trial!

BitDefender Business Security 2010 FREE 30Day trial!

BitDefender Small Office Security 2010 FREE 30Day trial!

BitDefender Game Safe 2010 FREE 30Day trial!

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