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The new referral program is a great way to get your computer fixed for free*.

Refer a friend for computer repair/upgrade! Your friend will get 10% off total price for mentioning you as referral and you will get $25 in your RhinoTechie account good for ANY of our services! Yep, it is that simple!

Normally a referral program would pay you same amount of money no matter how much you refer. I believe that if you are putting the effort to refer your friends and family I should put the effort in showing you my appreciation. So, here’s a breakdown of how referral will pay you!

  • First five referrals: $25/each
  • Sixth to Tenth referrals: $30 /each
  • Any more then Ten referrals will be “profit sharing” you will get $30 or 20% whichever is greater!

Want to start referring your friends and family simply have them call and mention you as referral or email me at

*The referral must actually make the purchase in order for it to be considered valid! Referral must be declared prior to the machine being received. Only first level referrals will be credited to your account, referral of referral are their own entity.