DELL 5100/5150 [Replace Power Jack] Pictorial

Several requests came in recently to show how to replace the Power Jack on the Dell 5150, several other models are close enough where you can follow the pictures that will be presented here.

I took the pics as I was putting the laptop together, so i’ll switch their order to show you how to take it apart. There are LOTS of screws and little pieces. IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH SOLDERING OR SMALL PARTS, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS.

What you will need for the job:

  • This job should take you anywhere between 30-90 minutes to complete, please do not hurry, take your time.
  • You will need a small Phillips Head Screwdriver. I used Craftsman Professional 1X4 (41528)
  • You will need a small Flat Head Screwdriver. I used Craftsman Professional 1/8 X 4  (41523)
  • You will need a 3/16″ driver (For the VGA connector pins) I used 1/4 Extension from Craftsman (43372)
  • You will need a GOOD soldering iron (At least 35 Watt, no more then 50 Watt) I used a Weller WP35 with a needle tip.
  • You will need a small roll of solder. I used Nippon America (60% rosin core) 0.8mm
  • You will need a solder sucker or a small roll of solder remover tape. I used Techspray PRO Wick (Width .044″(1.4mm)) 1802-5F

So, now that we got that out of the way…

Let’s get started…

Let’s Start by taking out the battery and place the screwdriver into the little crevice on the right side and pry off the cover that spans the front of the laptop including the power button… Once the cover starts coming off you can carefully pull it and it will come off. It is held to the computer by a few clip-in’s. Step one is complete 🙂


Next we should take care of the keyboard! Let’s start by taking off the FOUR screws that hold the Keyboard down as shown in the pics below…


The keyboard has several metal tabs that keep it in place at the bottom and a black ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.


Now we will take off the scree to take it out of the way and out of path of damage 🙂

Take out the two screws from the back panel:


Now Flip open up the screen. You will see the screen is held to the chassy by two metal brackets (one on each side) The brackets are attached to the chassy through two screws on each side.


Now the only thing standing between you and taking the screen off is the ribbon cable connecting it to the motherboard. Please BE VERY CAREFUL! Pull off the sticky tape that holds the ribbon cable to the frame and gently pull the connector up for it to come off.


VERY IMPORTANT: Now pull the screen up and place it in a SAFE location where nobody will step on it, sit on it or scratch it!

You should now have a screenless chassy in your posession. Let’s take out the extra’s starting with the battery and hard-drive. Try not to drop/shock the hard-drive as that may result in permanent data loss… Take off the RAM cover and pull out the chips…


Undo the screw on the Wireless Card (C) cover, take the wireless card out by disconnecting the two antenna wires and sliding the two metal holders apart so that the card can come up and out of the mini-pci slot and disconnect the small wire from the modem card


Take out the Power button control panel, it is held by two screws


Next, let’s take out the metal retaining plate where the keyboard used to be. It’s only held by one screw, so should be easy…


OK… most of the work is DONE… Just kidding…

While the laptop is facing up as in the picture above, you’ll see two small screws that partially hold the top cover to the bottom assy


Let’s take out the DVD-ROM… Unscrew the screw shown here an pull out the DVD (some of these laptops also have a screw holding the DVD-ROM under the keyboard area. So double check. This particular machine did not have it, but I’m pretty sure I did have a screw hold the DVD-ROM under the keyboard on a different 5150…


Time for the TOP cover to fly off…


Alright… a few more screws out of the way…

Let’s flip the assembly and pull the top cover off. Please noticed that the TOP cover is connected to the motherboard by a small connector which is located right above the mousepad…


Take out the graphic card, it’s mounted by two screws. Once the screws are out, pull it up by the white tab…


Let’s take out the CPU, start by disconnecting the power for the fan and then unscrew the four silver heat sink mounting screws…


Now there are a few heatsinks that require your attention…


Take out the metal brackets for PCMCIA cards and DVD-ROM and the plastic bracket for battery…


Once you took out the two screws holding this bracket you should be able to wiggle it out of the spot it is in. Don’t be rough with it, but it might take some playing around to get the metal holders out of the slots they are in.

Next let’s take off the PCMCIA slot and a supporting card…


One more bracket left (plastic) that holds the battery… two screws like the previous brackets and then lift up 🙂  …


We’re almost DONE! The motherboard is held to the plastic casing by the VGA adapter, you’ll need the 3/16″ to take that out…


Disconnect the Audio Connector…


So now that we have the laptop TOTALLY apart… the power adapter is a small metallic box with plastic input. Notice that solder around the pins of the connector could be cracked, if there is a crack-ring around the solder joint, this might just be your problem. However, the jack may also have damage on the inside and MAY need to be replaced. The jacks can be purchased for a rather cheap price on ebay… Expect to pay between $6-$10 (including shipping) DON’T PAY ANY MORE!!

There are four ground pins, one positive voltage and one detector pin. The detector pin is important!


Congratulations… You’ve successfuly took apart your 5150…

Now just follow the directions in reverse order to put it back together!

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  1. RedNERD Says:

    While doing all that to change your jack will help against a broken jack problem, let’s not forget that this laptop 1150/5150 is plagued with motherboard logic issues!

    One of the issues is that the charger and the motherboard have a ‘signal’ line and once one of the communication chips either on the motherboard or in the charger break down, funny things start to happen. To start your laptop may stop recognizing the charger as a valid charging device. You may be able to fix that by replacing the charger…

    I’ve had several of these come through my shop, and most have motherboard issues. I mean there is a reason a class action suit against dell was based on this model! (5150 only) I had one of these where it would work fine in safe-mode for as long as you want, but in regular mode, the windows would crash after which you would not be able to turn on the laptop if the charger is plugged in, but it would come back on if the charger was unplugged….

    The list of issues with these laptops is endless, and i feel bad for people who spend load of money to get one of these, back when they came out… If you have had an experience you would like to share with the 5150 or 1150 I would love to hear it…

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