Antivirus 2008/2009 IS A SCAM!!! HERE IS HOW TO FIX IT!


As so many of our customers have noticed, a product that calls itself Antivirus 2008 or Antivirus 2009 is not an Antivirus at all or in the words of Peter Griffin “it doesn’t make you breakfast at all… all it does is shoot you!”. As a matter for all intents and purposes this software disables many everyday functions of your computer and should be considered armed and dangerous…

The makers of this ROGUE software went so far as to inject code into web-sites you visit to make it look like that site recommends for you to register/pay for a copy of that software. A good example was, it brought us to the google page with a warning from ‘Google’ that the copy of Antivirus 2009 was not registered and that we should do so as soon as possible.


While to a tech this looks funny, to a normal person that trusts that these words come from a respectable organization (Google) will go and pay the makers of Antivirus 2009 to further infect their computer.

The software protects itself well by making sure that you cannot browse the net for solutions by labeling the sites with solution as ‘Too Dangerous’ and not allowing you access.

The good news is that there is a solution! MalwareBytes software is able to clean Antivirus 2009 and loads of other threats.


You’ll most likely not be able to download MalwareBytes from the infected machine. As I mentioned previously, this software protects itself well. However you can download and burn the MalwareBytes onto a CD and use it to remove the parasite. Make sure to perform an Update prior to scanning, as you will need the latest definitions to fight this type of parasite.

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