Pick a power/presusre washer…
April 29, 2016 Uncategorized

I was set on purchasing a pressure washer this year. When I buy tools, I never get the minimum of what I need. I get the best available in my price range.

What I was looking for:

  • at least 3200psi
  • at least 3 gallons per minute
  • reliable engine
  • triplex pump


Brands under consideration:

  • Husqvarna –¬†Assembled here in USA (remember that no small engines are made in USA in years, but rest is USA assembly)
  • Generac – Assembled here in USA (remember that no small engines are made in USA in years, but rest is USA assembly)
  • Dewalt – is a rebranded Simpson, uses Honda engine

I love Honda engines, but the more I looked at reviews for the Dewalt units, the more I found unhappy customers for all different reasons which made me back off from the brand.

Husqvarna is my favorite small engine yard equipment manufacturer. However, I found their washers to be on clearance in Lowe’s, if you can find it. I could not find the model (3300). Lowe’s site advertised it for less than $200 – that would be a steal!

Generac, had great reviews on all sites I visited, their engines are made to their spec. There is no concern of low quality here as there is with some other brands. Yes I am looking at you Poulan Pro.


Pumps and Drives.

Most cheaper models come with direct drive instead of belt drive. However, unless you’re dropping at least $1100, forget about belt drive.

Pumps, there are Axial and Triplex pumps. Really, when you’re buying a pressure washer, the pump is your most important piece. Don’t get a cheap pump as once it fails it doesn’t matter how nice your engine is…


The model I finally decided on:

Generac 4200PSI 4GPM w/triplex pump.

It is much more machine than I NEED, however price is a consideration here:

The listing price for all this hardware is $899. I shopped around and found that with a little work, the best price would be from Lowe’s.

Why “with a little work”? Well, there are a few things to consider here: I asked Lowe’s to price match They refused at first, but after a bit of encouragement, they agreed. After we came to terms of them matching the price (at the time $809). I asked them to apply a moving coupon (1o%). Save additional 8-12% by buying giftcards from or use your lowes card to get a 6 month financing


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