Proper long term storage (over 30 days) of small engine equipment
April 29, 2016 Uncategorized


I have a bit of gas powered equipment at the house.

  • Mower (Husqvarna)
  • Tractor (Husqvarna)
  • Trimmer (Husqvarna)
  • Blower (Husqvarna)
  • Power Washer (Generac)
  • Snow Blower (Husqvarna)

Most of this equipment has an inactive period during the year. Regular gas is all good and well but left in equipment for extended time could result in gumming up – even with fuel stabilizers.

I found my 2 cycle equipment using gas fairly slow so not finishing all the fuel before the season was over would happen often. I’ve read many bad stories of equipment no longer starting after being left alone for a while. When I was buying my Husqvarna Snow Blower, it came with a 5 year warranty if I properly took care of the engine. I asked for clarification as I read opposing opinions about what is worse for an engine, stale gas or no gas. They referred me to using ‘all-fuel’ of my choice for best results.

Once I switched my 2-cycle equipment to TruFuel it starts much easier, it runs smoother, love it. For 4 cycle equipment, I run the engines on normal gas, but at the end of the season, when I am ready to store it, I run it dry, fill it up with TruFuel and run it for additional 5 minutes before shutting it off for the season.

I now use TruFuel product exclusively as brands are concerned because of price vs performance (best prices are at either that will ship to your house or Lowe’s which normally gives you a good deal for buying more)

TruFuel comes in 50:1 premixed 2-cycle, 40:1 premixed 2-cycle and 4-cycle fuel. It contains no ethanol so no gumming of the engine and the 2-cycle fuel is pre-mixed and bound on molecular level with the oil – no separation, no need to shake the equipment to re-mix the gas prior to use.

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