DTV Switch – February 17, 2009

Wow, February 17 this year TV’s that use antenna and don’t have a digital tuner will lose ALL reception!

Avoiding this is easy! To start visit – a government sponsored web-site to provide you with the latest information about the switch and who is effected.

We received many requests to clarify who will be effected and what steps you can take.

To start, TV’s that do not have a digital tuner will be effected. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your flat-screen TV has a digital tuner. Check the manual if you have to. Most (about 99%) of televisions made prior to 2004 have standard tuners and will require a converter box. While government has been advertising the $40 coupon that can send you, if you have not ordered it yet, you will most likely not get one anytime soon. The current economic sittuation added with people that took advantage of the program to get extra coupons (to sell, trade, etc) the original estimate of funds that would be needed was not close to the actual demand. I do suggest you still apply just in case, but you will NOT have the coupon through the government in time for a switch.

The converter box will take advantage of the digital signals and will bring you a clear picture and sound. The quality of the new digital age IS NOT your daddy’s rabbit-ears. I myself have a 55″ Hitachi Plasma TV (w/digital tuner built-in) and use a Philips DTV antenna. The picture is so clear on my Boston and Providence channels that it feels like the football game on the other side of the screen is going to end up in my living-room!

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2 Responses to “DTV Switch – February 17, 2009”

  1. admin Says:

    So the DTV switch delay was unsuccessful! Finally someone is taking action against procrastination! I mean we only had a THREE YEAR WARNING about the switch…. yet people are still freaking out about it now. What most people don’t realize is that only people catching their TV through a “rabbit ear” antenna would be affected by this.

    The idea that people are ‘pissed’ about the switch not being delayed in this tough economic time just grinds my gears. We as a country need ‘PRO’gress not ‘CON’gress…

    In a way i can equate this switch to pulling of a band-aid. Just do it already and have it over with. The tv converter is $40.00… too much you say? Then most likely you should have applied for the $40 coupon offered by feds and pay nothing for the switch. But of course those that waited until the last minute to order the coupon are now complaining that the waiting list to get such a coupon is longer then the amount of time left before the switch…

    Again, this brings me to perpetual mode of procrastination and constant complaining the people of seem to have come to EXPECT!

    Off with it already!

  2. RedNERD Says:

    Wow… i guess i spoke to early… the government after all decided to extend the deadline until June 12th, 2009!
    Well at least WPRI decided to keep the old deadline and shut off on Feb 17th…

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