2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Hyundai Tucson Limited – No Audio issue

Not sure about you, but when i buy a car with all the bells and wistles i’m always thinking of all the things that could go wrong with it. So my wife and I bought a 2010 Hyundai Tucson Limited (leather, roof, nav, backup camera, etc). For a few years it was a great car.

Today my wife was riding back from work when she noticed that all her audio is gone. While the screen is on, she can change the volume (visual), she can change the stations, she can push the buttons… no sound at all. Not the beeps from buttons, not the music from radio, not the GPS audio, NOTHING.

I searched up and down the internet running from one dead end to another. Some people even stated that their dealers made them change the entire stereo to get the audio back (not covered under warranty if your car is either more than 3 years old or more than 36,000 miles. I called the hyundai customer support. The agent was nice, but had little to say about what i needed to do other than go to the closest dealer ASAP. He also stated that if it was my stereo that was the issue, that I would not be covered as we now have 42,000 miles.

Solution: After searching all over my car for a loose connection that was suggested in other forums I noticed a very small button on the stereo (the type of button that if you are familiar with electronic devices is used to reset such a device). I had my car in second position, the unit screen was on with no audio as I pushed the button with a tip of a pen. The whole audio unit shut off except for the blue lights in the buttons. I paniced at first when the stereo didn’t come back on it’s own. Then I just pushed the stereo unit’s POWER BUTTON and the unit rebooted, right away all of my audio came back. No trip to the dealer, no replacing my head unit, etc etc.

I had a case open with hyundai about this, so I called them back and told them the solution to this problem (since they said they had nothing like it in their database). Though when I called back and told the new agent that I found the solution, he seemed rather dismissive. He said he was going to enter it into the system like I asked him to, but it felt like he couldn’t wait to hang up. So I decided why not just post the RHINOTECHIE blog for all to see for free.

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