The older DELL Dimension 8200 with a orange light problem. So first check if the lights in the back of the computer light up at all. Those lights are there for diagnostic purposes! In this case none of the lights lit up.

Several possible suspects come up…

      • Motherboard
      • Memory

However, this was not the usual case…

After looking around and taking out one PCI card at a time the Video Card was the problem.

Let’s take a look at the pictures to figure out why…

After taking a closer look at the card, an electrolytic cap came to attention due to it’s blown top. Check out the details on the next three pictures to see what i’m talking about. The cap surface should be clean and smooth, if it has brown stuff oozing out of it then it’s most likely not good. However, please understand that the only way to really check the cap is by measuring it with a cap meter, but if the top is blow it’s a pretty safe assumption…

The value of the blown cap is defined using two numbers,

uF and v (Microfarad and Voltage)

Make sure that the new cap you place in it’s place:

      • HAS THE SAME Microfarad value!!!
      • Has same or HIGHER voltage (this value is sort-of an ‘UP TO’ value, so higher would be fine)
      • Size DOES matter here… it should be same OR LARGER size… it is used for heat dispersion


Notice that the numbers are 1000 and 16v

So that means that our blown cap is:

      • 1000uF (Microfarad)
      • 16v


I replaced the silver blown cap with the slightly larger green cap (with same value)

When you take out the old cap, you will notice that there is a circle that marks the spot where the cap was. Half of the circle is shaded and half of the circle is not, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! The shaded half is USUALLY the ‘Negative’ side, BUT in this case it’s the exact opposite, make sure to place the negative side of the cap into the correct half of the circle 🙂

You can use other caps on the board to reference the direction as ALL caps on the board will follow same direction…


Here is the only tool needed for the job…


If you have any questions, submit them to me at artem@rhinotechie.com

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