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Technology is fun to have, that is as long as it continues to work the way it is supposed to. Who would you call when something goes wrong? What if you need an honest advice about your next tech investment? We provide tech support and training to individuals and businesses over Email, phone and onsite.

For complete list and pricing of services refer to the Services page.

We can also provide online explainations on how a specific technology works or difference between several products for your comparison and our recommendation. Just send an email to service@rhinotechie.com with what you would like to see posted!

While most of our customers have Microsoft Windows based computers, we do provide opportunity for them to try a Linux operating system. We are proud of serving the Linux community by providing Installation media for Linux OS of your choice absolutely free! We can also install the Linux OS on your computer for a small fee. The main advantage of most Linux system is that they are very stable, most viruses are ineffective against a Linux system, the actual Operating System is provided for free for download over your internet connection in ISO format, there are thousands of free applications for Linux OS that provide most functionality you need without any further cost to you. Ever had to pay for Microsoft Office license? While Microsoft Office is a great piece of software, it is too expensive for most of our customers. Open source software called Open Office provides a full Office suite to match Microsoft Office in functionality and compatibility absolutely free!

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Services are provided in English and/or Russian.
[Мы предлагаем нашы услуги на Англисском и так-же на Русском языке!]